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Setbacks don't define you.
Comebacks refine you.

No matter what is holding you back from achieving your goals with confidence and happiness, you can achieve more. You have greatness inside you that when unleashed gives you power, stamina, and drives your legacy.


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Wasting Time

Stop wasting time settling and coasting through life.

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Knowledge is great, but knowledge applied is wisdom.

Coach Dar

Meet Darleen Santore,
known to many as
“Coach Dar.”

As a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, business executive, author and speaker, she is passionate about helping people break through barriers to achieve their goals. Recently named Senior Fellow of PathNorth—an organization comprised of world leaders and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, her powerful message continues to reach a global audience.

As a mental skills and leadership coach, she blends a knowledge of science, psychology and achievement with her personal passion for life. The result? Individuals, corporate executives and professional athletes & teams aim higher and achieve more. Additionally, Coach Dar is a trailblazer for Phoenix women and was awarded the Most Inspiring Woman from WNBA. It is her unique style and approach during, transformational seminars, high impact speaking engagements, and exclusive one-on-one sessions that has helped people say no to the status quo, to raise the bar in their lives, to break free so they can breakthrough, and to reignite their hearts to live a purposeful life. Darleen’s first book, The Art Of Bouncing Back, will be released February 2023.

From her experience as a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, to a healthcare executive, to Chief Operating Officer of a record label, to Chief Performance Officer at a fast growing jewelry company, to a mentor to global leaders, CEOs and athletes, Darleen has a proven track record of leading people and inspiring positive changes that impact lives.

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Dar has helped me unlock my potential as a leader through our monthly coaching process. Each session she has a focus area that builds on the previous and systematically builds confidence, resilience, awareness, and other attributes needed for leadership today.  In working with Dar, I hope to bring a bigger impact to those in both my personal and professional life.

Josh King, CEO of Twelve Consulting Group

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Coach Dar's
New Book!


Master a mindset of resilience, confidence, and joy to drive your personal and professional goals forward.

  • 9-Principle system for pushing through any roadblock

  • A motivational playbook for designing a life of intentional legacy by raising the bar

  • Find your Flow and stay in it to achieve more with less stress and effort

  • Psychology backed methods

  • Proven techniques for increasing mental toughness

  • The exact coaching program used by professional athletes and Fortune 100 CEOs to drive excellence

The Most Powerful Pep Talk
You'll Ever Receive

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