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by Coach Dar

Coach Dar’s character and resilience are unmatched and her love for people and passion to help everyone bounce back from adversity has led to this amazing and life changing book. I’m so thankful she wrote it and am fired up you are reading it. 

- Jon Gordon, WSJ Bestselling author, The Power of Positive Leadership and Fortune 500 Consultant

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What You'll Learn From This Book



  • #RaiseTheBar and Pinpoint the Areas of Your Life that Need Improvement

  • Understand Your Fundamental Hardwiring

  • Increase Your Happiness by Living Your Purpose

  • Craft Your Personal Mission Statement and Become Bulletproof During Times of Adversity



  • Develop a Mental Skills Toolbox

  • Transform Your Physical Environment to Prevent Setbacks

  • Activate and Super-Charge Your Emotional Intelligence to Increase Your Resilience

  • Develop the Mental Toughness to Adapt to Any Situation



  • Master the Skill of Reframing Your Setbacks So You Never Get Stuck Again

  • Harness the Same Mental Agility Skills Used by Pro Athletes to Crush Your Goals

  • Become a Person Who Achieves Greatness in Every Area of Life (and Inspires Others to do the Same!)

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What People Say

Dar has helped me unlock my potential as a leader through our monthly coaching process. Each session she has a focus area that builds on the previous and systematically builds confidence, resilience, awareness, and other attributes needed for leadership today.  In working with Dar I hope to bring a bigger impact to those in both my personal and professional life.

Josh King, CEO of Twelve Consulting Group

Raving Fans of Coach Dar 

"I help you believe in your gifts to achieve greatness. When this happens you feel empowered."

Coach Dar


Chapters 1 - 3

  • Understand what a setback is and why you're struggling to bounce back.

  • Recognize the truth: everyone can achieve greatness given the right tools.

  • Learn about what it means to access a "Flow State," a.k.a. "Getting in the Zone."

  • Uncover your fundamental hardwiring through people data so you can unleash your peak performance in work and life.

  • Develop a methodology for seeking and applying feedback in order to harness your unique gifts, skills and talents.


Chapters 4 - 6

  • Discover your why power, which keeps you going even when your will power has given out. 

  • Craft your personal mission statement, the north star that will reflect your why power and guide your actions going forward.

  • Identify your power word, the bumper sticker of your why power that will give you a jolt of motivation whenever you need it.

  • Cultivate an environment conducive to your purpose and the goals that you want to achieve.

  • Activate your emotional intelligence so you can remain self-aware, adapt, and hold yourself accountable.

Chapters 7 - 10

  • Climb out of the pits of despair by reframing your setbacks from a micro perspective to a macro perspective.

  • Cultivate grit by raising your endurance and distress tolerance in the face of adversity.

  • Practice gratitude in thanking adversity for the growth that it can provide and the lessons that it teaches; with out it, we would remain stagnant.

  • Release negative emotions holding you back and turn the page so you can enter the next chapter of your life.

  • Review what you've learned and head into your next chapter with a powerful charge: consistency is key!

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This is
Darleen Santore,
known to many as "Coach Dar."

Board-certified occupational therapist, leaderships advisor, and mental skills coach; Coach Dar works with some of the top CEOs in the country and high profile professional athletes worldwide. In her book, The Art of Bouncing BackCoach Dar shares her proven methods that any business professional can use to bounce back from setbacks and thrive even in the toughest of times.

No matter who you are, what you do, or what precautions you take, life never goes as expected. Setbacks are guaranteed and, when they happen, getting back into the game isn't easy—until now. In The Art of Bouncing Back, therapist and mental skills coach Darleen Santore teaches readers how to tackle the toughest challenges, bounce back with resiliency, and thrive through adversity.


As a mental skills coach and leadership advisor for some of the world's top athletes and CEOs, Santore—known as Coach Dar—helps athletes, business leaders, career-minded professionals, and entrepreneurs up their game, overcome obstacles, gain a mental edge, get out of "slumps", and become better leaders. In The Art of Bouncing Back, she walks you through her proven process of overcoming setbacks quickly and effectively.


"Knowledge is great, but knowledge applied is wisdom."

Coach Dar
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