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After suffering three strokes, the last leaving her without the ability to speak, Coach Dar fought her way back and now shares her powerful message across the globe. Through live events, videos, podcasts, books, and articles, she helps others take back control; inspiring them to reach for their highest potential… and then reach even higher.

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Are You In a Comfort Crisis? - Darleen (Coach Dar) Santore

Are You In a Comfort Crisis? - Darleen (Coach Dar) Santore

Jerome and Darleen Santore explore the art of resilience and how to manage life's adversities. Drawing on her 26 years of experience as an occupational therapist, leadership advisor, and mental skills coach, Coach Dar shares her nine principles for dealing with hardship. These principles involve embracing the "suck" when something hard hits; meeting yourself where you are in order to identify and feel the emotions associated with the event; and creating a strategy to move forward. The pair also discuss numbing and healing - why it's important to face our emotions rather than masking them with certain behaviors or substances, and how to come into your own self-worth and confidence, recognize triggers without being affected by them, as well as mourning a loss while celebrating the memories associated with it. This conversation highlights the importance of mental fitness, having a growth mindset, developing strong faith, reframing difficult situations, recognizing your gifts, learning from life experience, and understanding that preparation meets opportunity as a key factor in achieving success. Join Jerome and Coach Dar on their journey as they explore these topics in detail. [00:01 - 06:49] Coach Dar's 9 Principles to Bounce Back from Adversity and Thrive: Embrace the Suck! [06:50 - 16:49] Realistic Optimism: Embrace Life Experiences to Heal and Move Forward [16:50 - 26:21] Uncovering Your Mental Edge: Building a Strong Mental Foundation for Resilience and Strength [26:22 - 41:11] Respect the Hard Work: How to Develop Mental Endurance and Confidence [41:12 - 44:02] Closing Segment LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes. Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
Pushing Against Perfection | Coach Dar | Athlete CEO #48

Pushing Against Perfection | Coach Dar | Athlete CEO #48

As an elite performer you’ve worked hard to get where you’re at. The work to stay at the top comes with immense pressure and a grind to continually improve. Also, success can make it hard to get clear, direct feedback, and it can attract people who don’t have your best interests in mind. How do you continue to reach for greatness without folding to the pressures of perfectionism? How can you work to build an inner circle of people with your best interests in mind – who can give you direct and candid feedback that will help you get better at what you do? Today we’re joined by Darleen Santore – also known as Coach Dar. She is a board-certified occupational therapist, business owner, and performance coach for professional athletes and executives. Coach Dar was recently named a senior fellow at PathNorth, an organization comprised of leaders and CEOs of fortune 100 companies, the WNBA named her the Most Inspiring Woman of 2017, she is the U.S. Ambassador for Pay It Forward Day, and she recently launched her own social platform called Kindli, which puts the focus squarely on kindness and positivity with a goal to generate over a billion acts of kindness around the world. Coach Dar discusses with Erik and Brandon about how to define greatness, what it means to be a pro, dealing with the pressures of perfection, and surrounding yourself with people who will help you grow. Episode Highlights • (00:08) More about Coach Dar • "The thing about greatness and being great, everyone has the ability to reach greatness within them with the God-given talent they have, but few are willing to truly do what it takes to be that truest and best version of themselves." – Coach Dar • (4:22) How to define greatness • (5:14) “Being a pro does not mean perfection. It means 1% progress. Every day you’re back – being consistent and disciplined to do what you need to do to be the best.” – Coach Dar • (5:49) What holds people back from greatness? • (7:36) What are the practical steps to committing to the process and implementing a plan • (9:42) Finding the right help • (11:49) The science of occupational therapy • (18:27) Why aren’t people working with performance coaches? • (20:25) How Tom Brady and LeBron James got where they are • (21:09) Why working with a peak performance coach doesn’t mean something is wrong with you • (24:00) Dealing with the pressure of perfection • (26:11) “I'm going to help you find your whypower over willpower. Your willpower is going to give up when you're going through a tough season, right? You can't lean on willpower every day, but I'm going to remind you - why'd you get up?” – Coach Dar • (27:27) The importance of reframing • (30:06) Getting direct feedback • (32:52) Building your trusted inner circle • (38:32) Cutting down your circle • (41:35) One of the key questions to ask in close relationships
Being All In with Darleen Santore

Being All In with Darleen Santore

Are you gambling your legacy and leaving it to chance instead of intentionally pursuing excellence to achieve greatness? Do you feel like it is time to level up your life and be all in to reach your full potential? Its time to have more confidence as a leader and level up your life.  Darleen Santore, known to many as “Coach Dar ” is a life, leadership and mental coach, board-certified occupational therapist, business executive, author, and speaker. As an occupational therapist for the past 23 years, Coach Dar has been able to combine her knowledge of science, psychology, and leadership to elevate one’s mindset to new levels.  In this episode,  Coach Dar shares her insights on how she serves the people that are wanting to reach another level – those that might doubt themselves, that are trying to reach greatness, wanting to go from maybe a VP-level to a C-level, they might want to go from C-level to a board-level – anyone who's trying to reach their peak potential and even grow from that to break through barriers to achieve their goals. What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader? Check-out the 10 Hidden Growth Opportunities for Top Leaders: visit Key Takeaways: "Don't just get to the top just by getting there, you get it because you're building the endurance and you're doing it consistently well." – Darleen Santore "There is no other person exactly like you. And the original is always more expensive than the copy. You're an original, don't ever forget it and don't try to copy anyone else. Be you, be truly you and be the best version of you. We don't want the half version; we want the full best version." – Darleen Santore "Identify the vision where you want to go. What is it the level you want to attain? What is it that you're trying to go to? Set a vision because when there is no vision, the people will perish. You even need to have your own mission statement, your own vision of what it is you want to attain. Because without that, and without connecting emotion to it, what do you get up and get excited about every day? You just show up? You need to be moved by the vision of what's ahead. And then you need to put that into your morning routine." – Darleen Santore   Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Be Well. Live Well. Serve Well. Free Ebook. A download of 101 Coaching tips from Coach Dar Visit: Ways to Contact Darleen Santore: Website: Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter: Instagram:
331: Darleen Santore | How Having A Friend in Each Decade Will Transform Your Life

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