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Peak Performance Coaching

We know it can be lonely at the top and sometimes we need a trusted advisor. Dar works with executives to refine their core purpose and achieve bigger goals.

People with highly developed mental toughness and mindset agility are the most successful people in the world. They can conquer any obstacle. Peak performance is where mindset coaching and emotional resilience converge.

Formidable, funny, and just plain real that is Coach Dar! Beyond the typical guest speaker gab, Coach Dar digs into real life happenings, hers in fact, that draw you in and hold you there. Her positivity and lifelong fight to get where she is and to stand in front of you and tell you about it all with nothing but pure optimism and love in her voice will bring out the confidence and fight in each person in the room to just be a little bit better. You can physically feel the air in the room lift with hopefulness and sheer joy. Along with her "Listen Up, Love Up, and Level Up" steps of living, Coach Dar will leave you feeling alive and optimistic for what the future holds for you and your team. I would recommend Coach Dar for anyone who is looking to "Level Up" their next event!

Angela Blair

Director of Organizational Development and Culture, Olympus Property

Coach Dar helps business leaders, high performers, and athletes and artists to increase their resilience, focus, and success through Mental Toughness Coaching and Mindset Agility Training. The goal is to massively increase their results and help them leave a positive impact on the world.


After 24 years as an occupational therapist, speaking to global audiences, and being recognized by world leaders, Coach Dar created a formula for achieving excellence. Just like you hire a personal trainer to qualify for the Olympics or hire an executive coach to get you ready to land your dream job, pro sports teams across the country hire Coach Dar as their mental toughness and mindset coach.


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Every Leader Needs
Mindset Agility.

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Coach Dar's proven success formula is unlike any executive coaching or life coaching program you’ve tried before. Her one-on-one coaching is designed for big breakthroughs in a short period of time.

Her proprietary formula for success is designed to laser-focus your thinking and help you push through all the mental and emotional barriers holding you back and draining your energy. She’ll take you from where you are currently performing to a level of high-performance you have yet to experience. You will get internally aligned and experience mental clarity like you have never experienced before.

She'd love to connect with you about your goals and design a 1:1 Coaching session customized to your specific needs. 

peak performance
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